Review Ookeenga ($OKG) & ($KAB) – A Real-time Strategy 3D Card Game on PC and Mobile Devices Expect to be Released In Q3/2022!

An upcoming play-to-earn game in the genre of real-time strategy card game is like no others. It is promising to offer stunning graphics and exciting gameplay with many rewards.

What is Ookeenga?

Ookeenga is a blockchain real-time strategy 3D card game currently in development by CROS Gamestudio that is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2022. Optimizing all the yielded fruit from blockchain technology, heroes are one of the NFT that players can collect in Ookeenga, giving the community true ownership of digital assets. Ookeenga is built based on the play-to-earn model to reward the contribution and commitment of players. 

Players will collect hero cards to assemble their team for combat. Each hero will provide the player’s deck with different Troop Cards and Skill Cards which arouse the creativeness of players. Creating a strategic formation to outwit your opponent is the fun part of a real-time strategy game where you watch your enemy fight back in desperation.

Inspired by famous games, such as Clash Royale, Starcraft II, and Warcraft III, the game will immerse players into an insect-themed universe with breath-taking graphics, appealing world-building, and addictive gameplay. 

True cross-platform RTS that you can play with your friends from your PC or mobile devices.

Oustanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

  • Immerse in real-time strategy battle for rewards.
  • Owning NFT collectibles in the form of Ethereum tokens that you have true ownership over.
  • PvP events that will reward players for their performance in tournaments.
  • Breeding new heroes through using 2 heroes that players already own. 
  • Explore the ancient forest, Glaik (The Sacred Forest in insect language) where five insect tribes: ANTUK (Ant), KRAKEE(Cricket), MONTAK(Moth), MANTAH(Mantis), MUU (Beetle), inhibit. 
  • Diverse and interesting Troop Cards and Skill Cards system.
  • Discover the unique character system consisting of 5 elements: Lighting, Plant, Air, Psychic and Earth, and the 5 different classes: Tank, Melee, Range, Mage and Air
  • Finalizing the Land & Farm that provides players with a passive income flow of resources (governance and in-game tokens, in-game materials,…). The system will be unlocked according to the roadmap.
  • Unlock treasure to earn NFT item parts, tokens, non-NFT items, resources,…

What is the unique selling point?


Player vs Environment (PvE)

Explore the mysterious ancient forest and its biomes, battling with bots at different levels and customizing your heroes with unique weapons.

Player vs player (PvP)

  • Engaging in semi-automatic real-time strategy battle with other players to earn in-game token
  • Master strategies in combat through team selection, effective usage of troop and skill cards, and understanding the class system
  • Competing in tournaments to earn both governance and in-game token

NFT Collectibles

Heroes NFTs

Heroes are one of the NFTs that players can collect in Ookeenga. They are results of the unique combination of tribes, classes, elements, and individual body parts. Each hero has their own unique appearance, attributes, skills, and even their own troops. Players can control the heroes they purchased and their troops to battle the enemies.

Weapon NFTs

Upon being purchased, heroes will wield the default, most basic version of their weapons. Players can obtain new, more potent weapons to equip their heroes from the marketplace, during gameplay sessions, or by participating and winning game events. Weapons can enhance heroes’ attributes and provide beneficial effects for their troops in battles.

Breeding Process

Breeding is a technique to create a new hero.

  • New heroes are created by using 2 heroes that players already own, at the cost of tokens
  • Each hero can join the breeding process a fixed number of times. When the maximum number is reached, the hero can no longer be used for breeding. 
  • The output of the breeding process is a cocoon containing a baby hero inside. After a period of time. The full-grown hero will break cocoon and come out, ready for action
  • A hero used for breeding will require a time-out period before being available for breeding again.
  • Subsequent breeding sessions will require more tokens to perform, longer growing time, and also a longer time-out period than the previous one. 

Character system

Tribes: The game’s civilization is split into five tribes, each corresponding to a species of insect commonly seen in nature.

Element & Classes:

  • There are 5 elements, each is strong and weak against certain other elements.
  • There are 5 classes, each with distinct roles and combat strategies.

Combat Mechanics

Genre: Semi-automatic Real-time Strategy

  • Semi-automatic: Once the battle has started, Players drop their troops from deck to battlefield, the troops automatically attack enemy troops and the heroes’ towers.
  • Strategy: Each hero provides the player’s deck with different Troop Cards and Skill Cards. Players have to build up heroes and try out many strategies in combat.
  • Real-time: Battles happen in real-time with units fighting and heroes casting abilities, no pausing. 

Map: 2 sides, separated by a river/abyss in the middle. The sides are linked by two bridges.

Win Condition: The side who wipes out the opponents’ troops and heroes’ towers first win

Land & Farms

Farms provide players with a passive income flow of resources (governance and in-game tokens, in-game materials, etc.)

Farms can also be designed and decorated with items purchased from the marketplace. These decorations can be purely visual or boost the farm’s maximum output.

Lands & farms feature will be unlocked according to the roadmap.


Players open boxes to get NFT item parts and then combine them to complete NFT items. Players also get other game items such as tokens, non-NFT items, resources, and especially rare NFT items.


Technical Data

Token Metrics

$OKG Token (Governance Token)

  • Token name: Ookeenga token
  • Ticker: OKG
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: Governance
  • Total Supply: 500,000,00
  • Circulating supply: Updating…
  • Initial Market Cap: Updating…
  • Initial Circulating Supply: Updating…

$KAB Token

  • Token name: Updating…
  • Ticker: KAB
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token type: In-game token
  • Total Supply: Unlimited
  • Circulating supply: Updating…
  • Initial Market Cap: Updating…
  • Initial Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token Allocation

Token Sale


Token Schedule

Token Use Case

Market & Community



Core Team

CROS Gamestudio’s members are professionals with over ten years of experience in the IT and gaming industries. They have developed games such as Step Hero, Plant Exodus, Echo, and Mech Master.

The team has substantial experience developing play-to-earn games for many games and aims to apply these experiences to achieve a sustainable ecosystem for Ookeenga.

Team Advisors

Partners and Investors


Ookeenga offers an addicting gaming experience for players to immerse themselves in real-time strategy combat, with breath-taking graphics and beautiful world-building. Players may specialize in their gaming styles and strategic formation to enjoy the entertaining journey, thanks to the unique and fascinating systems of tribes, classes, and ability cards.

The play-to-earn model allows game creators to financially reward players merely for playing, and Ookeenga’s mission is to become the industry leader in this groundbreaking gaming format.

Ookeenga should not be considered a blockchain-only game, and it is not necessary to have any prior understanding of cryptocurrency. Their objective is to reach out to a wide range of gamers to reach a much wider audience.

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