Bitcoin miners have been handing out $1.8 million in block rewards since 2010, when BTC price fell

After the big 2010 bitcoin block reward chain was issued in November 2021, no block rewards from that year were spotted in December and all of the following month through January 21. On Friday, the 11-year block reward, which was mined on 11/22/2010, rolled over for the first time since it had been inactive for over a decade.

Got the first class of 2010 walk move in 2022

The first block reward of 2010 was postponed on Friday after nearly 2 months worth of 50 Bitcoin (equivalent to $1.8 million at the time of broadcast). However, acc log chairthe owner of this BTC address has not issued BCH and BSV, worth almost $20,000 for 100 unspent coins.

The last block rewards spend in 2010 occurred when the great whale moved 20 Bitcoin at a time as the price reached an all-time high. The 50 BTC issued on Jan. 21 was sent to two separate addresses, split into 10 BTC and 40 BTC.


Spend bonuses Block 93.276 and number of bitcoins Issues since January 2009 | Source: Saint Roger

The transaction was sent with a very low privacy rating, according to Blockchair stats, which scored 45 points, identifying matching addresses. While a large number of 2010 block rewards remained undelivered as of January 21st, there were some spend for 2011 and beyond.

Since 2011, 11 block rewards have been transferred in November, 8 transfers in December and 1 transfer this year. One reward from 2012 was issued this month, 15 block rewards from 2013 and 6 block rewards from 2014.

So far, 7 blockchain rewards from 2015 and around 14 rewards from 2016 have been migrated during the year. Data from pointed out 50 BTC from 2010 can be transferred to Coinbase exchange after onchain movement. also recorded block outputs in 2010, and the non-Satoshi Pocket tracker graph from shows a visual perspective.


Amount of BTC mined from 2009-2011 spent | The source: Saint Roger

Although it has been quite some time since the last award was issued in 2010, the time interval since the last award was issued in 2009 on May 20, 2020 is 612 days. These releases are unique as BTC was released just a month after Satoshi Nakamoto launched the network.

Block reward 3,654 issued on 5/20/2020 worth about 50 Bitcoin sent to 2 addresses. The address has already received 40 Bitcoin expenditure 7 months ago, on 11/6/2021, after over a year of inactivity.

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