Polkadot Launches Open-Source Unbounded Font

Typographic fonts are crucial to every type of design, and nothing beats Polkadot’s free creations, which also encapsulate the decentralized spirit of Web3 technology.
Polkadot Launches Open-Source Unbounded Font

The Web3 Foundation (W3F), the organization responsible for funding the Polkadot platform, has successfully deployed the first free, open source and blockchain-funded typography font product called Unbounded.

Typography is a term that combines typo and graphic, that is, using graphics to represent text with the artistic spirit and meaning that the designer wants to convey creatively.

Unbounded, which will support over 400 languages, is immediately included as the official font for the website of Polkadot, the flagship project of the Web3 Foundation.

Unbounded enables the project through the Polkadot Repository – an online, decentralized, and community-based source of funding for projects on the ecosystem, through a collaboration between studios Koto, NaN, and Parity Technologies.

According to the Web3 Foundation, Unbounded will be made available under an “open font” license, which means anyone can download and use it for any purpose.

Polkadot Launches Open-Source Unbounded Font

Changeable fonts have had a tremendous impact on typography, providing designers and creatives greater flexibility of expression and experimentation. According to the Foundation, it enables users to create more responsive designs that can be fine-tuned for easier text animations and transitions.

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