Binance.US Get Involved In Politics With The Establishment Of A Political Action Committee

Binance decided to choose this time to replace FTX from participating in national politics through the establishment of its own political action committee (PAC), Binance.US Innovation PAC.

According to CoinDesk, the absence of US politics is attributed to campaign sponsors Sam Bankman-Fried and his FTX colleagues. Its competitor, Binance US, has chosen the moment to form its own political action committee, Binance.US Innovation PAC, and fill the void of political participation in the crypto industry.

Neither Krishna Juvvadi, the official treasurer involved in US politics, nor the company spokesman immediately responded to comments about the new political venture.

The Binance.US PAC was launched as this month’s congressional elections subsided, so it has a full two years to prepare for the next federal election, including the race for the White House. Meanwhile, the more general industry PAC GMI has enjoyed some political success in recent elections.

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Prior to that, the Texas Blockchain Council (TBC), an industry association that is working to make Texas a global leader in the bitcoin, blockchain, and digital asset industry, announced that Binance.US has joined TBC.

As a Strategic Partner Member, Binance.US will support TBC’s advocacy and education efforts with government officials in Texas and nationally, and help advance public policy in the state. Top state for Bitcoin.

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