Tornado Cash Discord And Admin Forums Vanished Overnight

Since yesterday, the DAO admin forum and the Discord channel that are “in love” with the Ethereum Tornado Cash mixer have been inactive (August 12).

Tornado Cash is “immovable”?

The Ethereum Tornado Cash “mixer” was earlier this week sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control for abetting dirty money.

Tensions increased when Dutch police yesterday confirmed the arrest of an anonymous developer of Tornado Cash.

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“He is most likely involved in concealing crimes and abetting money laundering through Tornado Cash,” the Dutch Crime Agency (FIOD) said.

On the same day, Twitter users discovered that the Discord channel and forum that the Tornado DAO used to discuss and run the project had “disappeared”. However, it is not clear whether the source of the source is the Tornado Cash developer or Discord itself. The link that led to a project salvage proposal earlier this week is reporting an error.

The project is quickly saved by the DAO community

The Tornado Cash DAO community has been battling to salvage the project since since it was outlawed by the US. The most recent involved voting on the plan to include DAO governance in the Treasury’s multi-signature wallet, which consists of three wallets worth a total of $21.6 million. More specifically, it would now require the approval of 4–6 people for any given Treasury transaction.

“Since it is so important, we need to move fast. I will do a snapshot of today’s vote so you can vote in 3 days,” urged Tornado Cash DAO member and petitioner.

This is due to concerns that those associated with the DAO, including members of multi-sig wallets, could be the target of law enforcement following the sanctions.

Voting started on August 10 and was completed quickly yesterday with 100% approval from 12 people who voted with 51,000 TORN.

The Tornado DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that manages the protocol’s treasury with more than 9,000 members according to data from DeepDAO, but only 163 members are actively involved in governance activities according to SnapShot.

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