Proofs Of AAX Rug Pull Plan: 5000 ETH Transferred from Hot Wallet (Updating)

Apparently the AAX exchange’s Ponzi scheme was designed from the start and most assume that the person behind it all is Victor Su. The findings show that around 5000 ETH was transferred from the exchange’s hot wallet on September 22.

It can be seen that there were almost 5000 eth transferred from the AAX hot wallet on September 22 before the exchange maintenance issue on November 13-22, looks like they pulled this rug out quite a while ago.

The value of 5000 Eth is much higher than all these arbitrary convertible accounts when they are marketed. They tried to make multiple transfers through different wallets before cashing out at different exchanges. It can take a while to track all of these movements, but anyone can help with the investigation.

There could be more coins stolen from hot wallets in AAX, which is one of the largest on record.

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As was previously updated, in Taiwan alone, more than 1000 users became victims of this scam scheme with losses of up to $100 million. Below are the noted wallets holding AAX assets.


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