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Star Atlas Price Chart Update [ATLAS]

Star Atlas Price Update Today

The ATLAS price update as of now is $0.005082. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $1,648,746, and its value has decreased by -3.75%. As of now, ATLAS's live market cap is $2,025,734, and it is ranked as the #749 on the Coincu. ATLAS has a circulating supply of 570,290,960 and a maximum supply of 570,290,960.

About Star Atlas

Star Atlas: A Next-Generation Metaverse Game Project

Star Atlas is a revolutionary gaming experience that combines blockchain technology, real-time graphics, multiplayer RPG genres, and DeFi technologies. This immersive crypto game utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to create stunning visuals and innovative gameplay. With its unique in-game design, beautiful graphics, and integration of the Solana blockchain, Star Atlas has the potential to attract both blockchain enthusiasts and the wider gaming community, driving mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Discovering Star Atlas

Star Atlas offers a futuristic science-fiction experience where players choose one of three factions to earn rewards and enhance gameplay. These factions include the MUD Territory, occupied by humankind, the ONI Region, occupied by a consortium of alien races, and the Ustur Sector, controlled by sentient androids.

Exploring the Core Mechanics

Star Atlas combines elements from the grand strategy and role-playing game genres with space exploration and territorial control. Players have the opportunity to manage vehicles and fleets of spaceships, engage in mining operations both on land and in space, and participate in player vs. environment missions, player vs. player battles, and virtual reality gaming experiences. The game also features a dynamic career system to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Unveiling the Blockchain Integration

At the heart of Star Atlas is the integration of blockchain technology. The game utilizes the ATLAS and POLIS tokens as in-game currencies and represents in-game asset ownership through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Smart contracts on the Solana blockchain execute gaming scenarios, and the game offers decentralized finance features through Serum. Players can transparently trade in-game assets on-chain through the game's NFT Marketplace and earn passive income through mining resources. Furthermore, the game provides a high-risk "Play-for-Keys" mode and an on-chain governance model for player control.

The Star Atlas Universal Marketplace serves as an NFT marketplace, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets. Players can also advertise paid job listings for in-game tasks. All in-game assets are securely stored on the Solana blockchain, accessible through a crypto wallet, and viewable in the game's "inventory" section.

What Sets Star Atlas Apart

  • Embark on Space Exploration: Star Atlas offers a vast open universe for space travel, allowing players to manually navigate or fully record all visible stars in the Atlas.
  • Beginner's Safe Zone: For new players, there is a dedicated safe zone where they can learn and explore without the fear of intense battles.
  • Engage in Epic Battles: Ships, space stations, and buildings are equipped with a wide range of weapons and shields, offering exciting opportunities for attack and defense.
  • Construct Your Space Station: Players have the ability to upgrade their space station, unlocking advanced levels and enhancing their gaming experience.
  • Experience Thrilling Combat: Choose crews and ships that align with your desired career, with a diverse range of professions available.
  • Earn Real-World Value: Convert your virtual in-game earnings into real-world earnings and engage in the buying and selling of NFTs obtained during battles.
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Star Atlas Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Jupiter ATLAS/USDC $0.005050 $189,783 11.51%
2 ATLAS/USDT $0.005094 $177,175 10.74%
3 MEXC Global ATLAS/USDT $0.005112 $152,618 9.26%
4 Jupiter RAY/ATLAS $0.005083 $138,556 8.4%
5 BitMart ATLAS/USDT $0.005093 $105,021 6.37%
6 Kraken ATLAS/USD $0.005070 $98,117 5.95%
7 BitMart ATLAS/USDC $0.005094 $95,529 5.79%
8 Bitget ATLAS/USDT $0.005087 $59,768 3.62%
9 Kraken ATLAS/EUR $0.005095 $26,074 1.58%
10 Jupiter ATLAS/SOL $0.005059 $14,144 0.86%
11 Jupiter ATLAS/POLIS $0.005048 $6,048 0.37%
12 Jupiter ATLAS/FUEL $0.1305 $3,336 0.2%
13 Jupiter ATLAS/JUP $0.004944 $22 0%
14 CoinW ATLAS/USDT $0.005120 $283,306 17.18%
15 AscendEX (BitMax) ATLAS/USDT $0.005050 $136,788 8.3%
16 LATOKEN ATLAS/USDT $0.005092 $98,379 5.97%
17 BingX ATLAS/USDT $0.005101 $50,146 3.04%
18 XT.COM ATLAS/USDT $0.005093 $9,062 0.55%
19 CoinEx ATLAS/USDT $0.005081 $8,211 0.5%
20 Bitrue ATLAS/USDT $0.005100 $187 0.01%
21 HitBTC ATLAS/USD $0.003752 $78 0%
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