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MARS4 Price Chart Update [MARS4]

MARS4 Price Update Today

The MARS4 price update as of now is $0.001544. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $151,481, and its value has increased by 4.32%. As of now, MARS4's live market cap is $4,911,828, and it is ranked as the #4098 on the Coincu. MARS4 has a circulating supply of 3,999,884,699 and a maximum supply of 3,999,884,699.

About MARS4

Exploring the MARS4 Virtual Experience: Unveiling the Mysteries of Mars and Acquiring Unique Land Plots

MARS4 is an SEO-friendly and 100% unique interactive 3D Metaverse divided into distinctive land plots, each represented by an exclusive NFT.

Unveiling the wonders of Mars, the development team of MARS4 has dedicatedly crafted a 3D rendition of Mars' terrain, utilizing NASA's Mars data as a foundation. This meticulous process has generated a virtual counterpart to Google Earth's 3D map, wherein each land plot, shaped by this data, serves as an interactive and immersive zone within the MARS4 Play-2-Earn game.

Comprised of three interconnected elements—Mars Land NFTs, $MARS4 dollars, and the Play-2-Earn game—the MARS4 project successfully establishes an engrossing virtual Mars with its own thriving economy.

Through the acquisition of land plot NFTs, users of MARS4 can build civilizations, terraform their plots, and actively participate in various game activities. As landlords, they possess the liberty to construct, rent out, and sell their land, acquire ownership certificates, and customize their plots employing the native $MARS4 dollars. This unique amalgamation of NFT Mars Land, Gamification, and Token Redistribution creates an irresistible tokenomics system for traders and investors.

Distinctive Aspects of MARS4: Establishing an Autonomous and Sustainable Metaverse

MARS4's Vision in a Nutshell

MARS4 aims to pioneer an autonomous and sustainable metaverse that transcends the boundaries of Earth, all while fostering a strong sense of community involvement.

With a mission to create an engaging Mars Metaverse based on play-to-earn principles, MARS4 endeavors to unite innovators, investors, gamers, and space enthusiasts within an interactive and enjoyable platform.

What Sets MARS4 Apart from the Rest?

The key differentiating factor of MARS4 lies in its aspiration to transform into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where NFT holders actively participate in governance decisions, encompassing policy updates, auctions, and contracts.

Additionally, MARS4 plans to develop a virtual reality (VR) platform, offering users an immersive exploration experience within the MARS4 world. This will be followed by the development of captivating gamification features and the establishment of a funding fund aimed at supporting early-stage space startups.

Embark on a captivating journey through the virtual realm of Mars, claim ownership of your personalized land, manage your assets effectively, and become a part of the world's first revenue-generating NFT ecosystem. Step into the forefront of the new digital economy, mine valuable resources, and engage in trading activities with fellow enthusiasts.


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MARS4 Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 KuCoin MARS4/USDT $0.001546 $131,372 86.72%
2 MEXC Global MARS4/USDT $0.001532 $14,275 9.42%
3 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) WETH/MARS4 $0.001555 $2,302 1.52%
4 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) MARS4/WETH $0.001516 $2,238 1.48%
5 SushiSwap (Ethereum) MARS4/WETH $0.001544 $1,295 0.85%
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