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Neighbourhoods Price Chart Update [NHT]

Neighbourhoods Price Update Today

The NHT price update as of now is $0.0004808. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $112,434, and its value has increased by 0.17%. As of now, NHT's live market cap is $5,249,902, and it is ranked as the #4146 on the Coincu. NHT has a circulating supply of 10,919,096,558 and a maximum supply of 10,919,096,558.

About Neighbourhoods

Nataral Health Token: Revolutionizing the Distributed Web

In the conventional web, platforms have always held the upper hand, controlling our interactions, restricting our discoveries, and shaping our digital identities. However, the emerging distributed web offers a different landscape. Though it boasts numerous features and functionalities, they often feel disjointed and challenging to navigate.

Enter Neighbourhoods, a pioneering solution for the distributed web. Acting as a social organizing principle, Neighbourhoods addresses the challenges faced by users. It brings together a diverse range of interoperable, generic tools in a marketplace. These tools can be combined with deliberate culture design that is customized to suit each community's specific needs. Through Neighbourhoods, communities gain the ability to establish their own admission and departure rules, define the dynamics of engagement within their neighborhood, and select which other neighborhoods they wish to share data with.

By leveraging Neighbourhoods, individuals can navigate the distributed web more seamlessly, with access to peer-verified data. Moreover, groups can grow and expand naturally without being subject to the intermediation and monetization of platform owners.

The Neighbourhoods Token: Enabling the Low-Code Marketplace

At the core of Neighbourhoods lies the Neighbourhoods Token (NHT). This token acts as the gateway to the low-code marketplace that communities utilize to construct their micro-networks. With the NHT, communities possess the power to create and shape their online spaces, free from the constraints imposed by traditional platforms.

To delve deeper into the Neighbourhoods project and its vision for the distributed web, please watch the introductory video here.

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1 MEXC Global NHT/USDT $0.0004808 $112,434 100%
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