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Virtue Poker Price Chart Update [VPP]

Virtue Poker Price Update Today

The VPP price update as of now is $0.01007. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $20,350, and its value has decreased by -14.24%. As of now, VPP's live market cap is $5,391,449, and it is ranked as the #4020 on the Coincu. VPP has a circulating supply of 535,151,027 and a maximum supply of 535,151,027.

About Virtue Poker

Value Promise Protocol: A Comprehensive Overview of Virtue Poker

Virtue Poker, established in 2015 by Ryan Gittleson, is an online poker platform that operates in a decentralized manner. This innovative concept was quickly supported by ConsenSys, a well-known crypto business, to develop decentralized software.

Virtue Poker leverages the unique features of Blockchain technology and P2P networks to create a secure and fair gaming environment. Unlike traditional platforms, Virtue Poker does not hold player funds. Instead, game purchases are held in escrow through Ethereum "Smart Contracts" while players participate, and payouts are completed in just 30 seconds. By utilizing a peer-to-peer shuffling mechanism, Virtue Poker ensures game security by eliminating the need for a centralized server to store the deck. Notably, Virtue Poker is the only blockchain-based poker platform that has received certification from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Value Promise Protocol: Key Features That Set Virtue Poker Apart

Understanding Virtue Poker's Objectives

One of the main goals of the Virtue Poker team is to transform the Virtue Poker desktop version into an Electron application. To ensure the platform's success, extensive testing is essential. This testing will focus on verifying the fairness of the games, implementing a registration and identity verification system to prevent underage gambling and multi-accounting, and establishing a data storage mechanism that complies with regulations and effectively detects cheating.

Value Promise Protocol: Strengthening the P2P Messaging Backbone

Currently, Virtue Poker employs a simple HTTP-server-based message exploder. However, the project aims to enhance its messaging infrastructure by adopting a more robust backbone for deployment.

Value Promise Protocol: Ensuring Justice on the Platform

In order to address concerns such as collusion, bot play, and overall fairness, Virtue Poker introduces the concept of Justices in games. Justices enable the permanent offline (IPFS) archiving of peer-level activity, allowing for better detection of fraudulent activities. Additionally, Justices prevent cheating in a three-player game by intervening and stopping compromised clients from colluding, a capability that is not possible with consensus mechanisms that are vulnerable to a 51 percent attack.

Value Promise Protocol: Delivering a Commercial-Quality Front-End Experience

Before undergoing the first round of user testing, Virtue Poker plans to revamp the existing application's design and develop a user-friendly interface for the lobby.

Uniqueness That Sets Virtue Poker Apart

Value Promise Protocol: Leveraging the Power of Ethereum Smart Contracts

Ethereum contracts play a crucial role in various aspects of Virtue Poker's operations. They serve as a registry for all active games, offer short-term escrow services for players at specific tables, store game-specific parameters, and report end game results.

Source: Virtue Poker

Value Promise Protocol: The Game Client

The game client initially functions as a desktop application that serves as a state engine, handles card shuffling using a Mental Poker protocol, includes a lightweight wallet, and facilitates connections between players at specific poker tables.

Value Promise Protocol: Introducing Mental Poker to Eliminate the Need for Third-Party Shuffling

Over the past two years, the Virtue team has dedicated their efforts to researching and implementing mental poker techniques in a realistic setting. By encrypting and jointly shuffling the cards, Virtue Poker ensures that each card can only be "opened" by authorized individuals or groups, preventing any player from having an unfair advantage. The protocol utilizes communication encryption, allowing cards to be encrypted or decrypted in any order.

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1 MEXC Global VPP/USDT $0.01070 $11,684 57.42%
2 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) WETH/VPP $0.01008 $4,501 22.12%
3 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) VPP/WETH $0.009230 $4,164 20.46%
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