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NASDEX Price Chart Update [NSDX]

NASDEX Price Update Today

The NSDX price update as of now is $0.09261. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $101,703, and its value has increased by 1.61%. As of now, NSDX's live market cap is $6,680,126, and it is ranked as the #3963 on the Coincu. NSDX has a circulating supply of 72,128,829 and a maximum supply of 72,128,829.


Discovering the Power of NASDEX (NSDX)

NASDEX, also known as NSDX, is a decentralized exchange that revolutionizes the trading of Asian stocks by operating on-chain. Traders can now enjoy the convenience of managing multiple equities across different markets all in one place, eliminating the need for maintaining numerous centralized trading accounts. By simply connecting their wallets, users can effortlessly handle all positions, including equities and cryptocurrencies, through this innovative DEX.

The tokenization of stocks is made possible through collateralized debt positions, which utilize industry-standard and battle-tested methods. This ensures both flexibility and security for users who choose to participate as minters or traders. With this approach, the NASDEX community gains the power to create an unlimited number of tokenized stocks, offering endless possibilities for investment.

NASDEX goes beyond granting economic exposure to favorite stocks on-chain. It incorporates the latest DeFi mechanics to provide additional yield-enhancing opportunities. Users can take part in activities such as yield farming, liquidity providing, and trading fee rebates, which significantly boost earning potential alongside their stock exposure.

Unleashing the Potential of NSDX Utilities

NSDX serves as the key to sharing in the profits generated by the DEX. Holders of $NSDX tokens will participate in the upside of NASDEX once the exchange is up and running. This may occur through mechanisms such as buy-and-distribute, buy-and-burn, or direct profit sharing, all of which will be determined and adjusted by the community through the DAO.

Another important utility of NSDX is its role as collateral for minting tokenized stocks. Additionally, NSDX offers governance features, including the ability to vote on the inclusion of new stocks on the exchange.

The Unique Advantages of NASDEX

NASDEX stands out by aiming to tap into a market with a total combined market capitalization exceeding USD 100 trillion, and a target audience of several hundred million individuals!

In terms of market size, NASDEX's mission is to bring the entire global equity market within reach of crypto investors. The target market encompasses every single listed stock worldwide. Within the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), which operates without permissions and boundaries, NASDEX is designed to transcend limitations and offer access to markets that were previously unreachable. Compared to the overall crypto market with a total value of around USD 1.5 trillion, this strategy enables NASDEX to address a marketplace that is 100 times larger than a typical DeFi DEX.

NASDEX not only aims to extend its reach into larger markets, but it also seeks to cater to a broader user base that is already familiar with equities. This includes countries with unstable currencies like Nigeria and countries with strict capital controls like Vietnam. Even in major developed countries such as the US and China, where crypto adoption rates are high, the number of individuals who actually own cryptocurrencies is less than 10% of the population, as per research. In contrast, over 50% of the population in the US and China own stocks. This demonstrates that while crypto adoption is growing, equity owners still constitute the majority of investors worldwide. NASDEX provides these equity owners with a superior platform for investing in tokenized equities.

The Visionaries Behind NASDEX

The founders of NASDEX are Josh Du and Belinda. With over 15 years of investment experience, Josh Du has been an institutional portfolio manager, overseeing funds and teams with a total assets under management (AUM) value of over USD 1 billion. His expertise spans across various asset classes, including equity, credit, and cryptocurrencies. Josh previously worked at prominent financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. Belinda, on the other hand, is a crypto PR and marketing expert with 4 years of experience in the blockchain industry, boasting an impressive client portfolio. She excels in community building and raising awareness for projects.

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