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Splintershards Price Chart Update [SPS]

Splintershards Price Update Today

The SPS price update as of now is $0.01408. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $75,035, and its value has decreased by -4.64%. As of now, SPS's live market cap is $17,346,119, and it is ranked as the #967 on the Coincu. SPS has a circulating supply of 1,310,636,224 and a maximum supply of 1,310,636,224.

About Splintershards

Introduction to Splintershards and its Blockchain-Based Gameplay

Welcome to the world of Splintershards, a one-of-a-kind card collecting game that runs on the blockchain platform. Inspired by the popular cartoon Yugioh, Splintershards takes players on an immersive journey where their main goal is to build a collection of unique cards. Each card comes with its own set of distinct attributes and abilities, which players can utilize to engage in thrilling battles against fellow participants.

What sets Splintershards apart is its integration with blockchain technology. In this innovative game, every card is assigned a unique identification code on the blockchain system, along with the owner's identity. This groundbreaking technology allows for seamless trading, purchasing, and selling of virtual assets among players. All transactions are securely stored on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and reliability.

The Key Advantages of Splintershards on the Blockchain

Splintershards addresses the challenges encountered in asset trading within blockchain games, contributing to the growth and development of electronic card games. By enabling players to possess accounts in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and educating them about the blockchain system, Splintershards establishes a tangible connection between tokens and the actual value of virtual currencies. Consequently, the value of tokens can fluctuate based on the demand and rarity within the Splintershards market.

Despite the integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain, Splintershards remains an accessible game with user-friendly mechanics. It was one of the first games to give players complete control over their cards, including the ability to trade and exchange assets.

Playing Splintershards: A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding the Gameplay Mechanics

To achieve victory against your opponents, you must strategically choose cards from your deck that are best suited for each unique game condition. Each card game involves a 1vs1 battle with randomized conditions that keep the gameplay exciting.

When you emerge victorious in a game, you will be rewarded with DEC, the in-game virtual currency. You can use DEC to acquire superior cards or exchange it for Vietnamese currency through a Hive wallet.

Mastery of Elemental Combat Techniques

Splintershards introduces six elemental attributes that players must become familiar with: fire, water, earth, life, death, and dragon. Each card belongs to a specific elemental affiliation. During battles, you can only deploy cards of the same element to fight alongside each other.

The game boasts an extensive collection of cards, including 4 rarity levels, 7 statistics, 7 factions, over 46 abilities, and more than 283 unique cards. When engaging in battles, you can make use of two primary types of cards: summoner cards, which enhance the features of monsters, and monster summon cards. Summoner cards can strengthen various aspects of a monster's capabilities, such as increasing armor, attack power, or health recovery.

Understanding the Statistics of Monster Summoning Cards

Monster summoning cards have 7 key statistics:

  • Attack stats: gladiator/assassin (melee), gunner (ranged), mage.
  • Defense stats (armor).
  • Health quotient (hp).
  • Elemental affiliation.
  • Monster level.
  • Special skill (ulti) - Mana stats (mp).

Familiarizing yourself with these statistics will significantly enhance your chances of victory. For example, by comparing the opponent's level and health, you can determine the optimal timing to unleash a special skill to eliminate the opponent or replenish mana when necessary.

For more information on Splintershards, visit this link.

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Splintershards Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 MEXC Global SPS/USDT $0.01422 $32,773 43.68%
2 Gate.io SPS/USDT $0.01387 $18,827 25.09%
3 Gate.io SPS/ETH $0.01391 $9,346 12.46%
4 Crypto.com SPS/USD $0.01408 $5,796 7.72%
5 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) SPS/WETH $0.01425 $2,685 3.58%
6 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) WETH/SPS $0.01408 $2,653 3.54%
7 CoinEx SPS/USDT $0.01411 $2,954 3.94%
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